baked cheese macaroni baked cheese macaroni

Midtown's Special Cheese Macaroni topped with loads of cheese ontop of a cheesy-tasting, creamy white mixture that was to die for.

Cottage Cheese Steaks Cottage Cheese Steaks

In fast food cuisine, varieties exist without potatoes, but with cheese, beef, or goulash, often in When made with cottage cheese, they are called Cottage Cheese Steaks

Club Sandwich Club Sandwich

A club sandwich, a sandwich of toasted bread, sliced poultry, bacon, lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise. It is often cut into quarters or half and held together by sticks

Ginger Fried Rice Ginger Fried Rice

Leftover rice becomes an instant vegetarian main course with the addition of a few vegetables in this gingery fried rice.

Mixed Grill Mixed Grill

Mixture of corn, potato, vegetables and served with nan bread.

Banarasi Aloo Matar Banarasi Aloo Matar

The Benarasi aloo matar recipe's a classic example of how simple ingredients can be brought together to create magic.

Grilled Salad Grilled Salad

Fresh heads of romaine lettuce are split down the middle, grilled until charred and smoky, and then topped with blue cheese.

Cold Coffee with Ice Cream Cold Coffee with Ice Cream

Cold coffee with ice cream with softened ice cream blended with cold coffee is a favorite recipe among children on a hot sultry afternoon.

Dahi Bhalla Dahi Bhalla

Dahi bhalle is the most delectable and liked chaat in North India. Dahi bhalla is made of fried lentil balls served with yougurt and some chutneys.

Midtown, a Multi cuisine restaurant make your life tasty.

What's so special about a restaurant's 'daily special'? It's a familiar ritual. You're sitting down, you've been handed the menu and the waitress launches into a florid description of an item that isn't printed on the sheet she gave you. If you're lucky, the 'special' is just that, something delicious that the chef has whipped up from fresh ingredients that caught his eye at the market this morning.
But very often the special — or 'chef's recommendation', or 'dish of the day' — is special only because it's the most profitable item on sale, and the restaurant knows it will sell many more if the waitress singles it out for attention.

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